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My promise:

A hospitable, confidential, Biblically grounded environment to share your story, to seek God, and to be heard.

Below are some common questions about spiritual direction and my practice. Feel free to contact me by phone, email or text if you would like more information.

  • What is Spiritual Direction?
    Spiritual Direction is a way of listening to God in community. This may be experienced one on one or in a group setting. In a one on one setting, the director comes alongside the directee to help hear, recognize, and discern the work of the Lord in his or her life and to help distinguish the various forces which beckon one down different paths. A Spiritual Director is one who will respectfully and prayerfully listen and help to notice what God is doing through life situations, scriptures and prayer. Spiritual Direction is almost a misnomer in that the real director in the relationship is the Holy Spirit. The director’s role is to help the directee listen deeply to God’s voice, to notice where God has been speaking and is already at work. A helpful analogy is to imagine a jumble of tangled ropes. The more one fumbles and struggles with the knots, the more tightly entangled it gets. Eventually we give up in frustration and toss the tangled pile to lie useless in a corner. Sometimes it helps to have someone who is less entrenched in the tangle, an outside set of eyes with fresh perspective and patience, to come alongside and gently begin to pull this way, tug that way, and slowly help to loosen the woven mass. A Spiritual Director will help you notice where God is at work in your life, to help you discern what He is up to and where He may be inviting you forward in relationship and action.
  • What is your distinctive approach to direction?
    My approach reflects my training through Selah, Leadership Transformation’s Training Program. Trinitarian in theology - We explore what God, the Father is doing through the Holy Spirit to shape an individual into the image of Jesus Christ. Contemplative in style - We prayerfully listen to God speak in our time together, noticing His movements in the individual’s life, and exploring the Spirit’s invitations to healing and growth. Biblical in grounding - We use the Bible to prayerfully explore what God might be saying and base our understanding of God on the authority of Scriptures. For more information about Selah and Spiritual Direction:
  • What can I expect in a session?
    Spiritual Direction sessions are usually once a month in frequency and generally last about 90 minutes. Your responsibility is to bring an awareness of God’s activities in your daily life. What are you noticing in your scripture reading, in your prayer life? This includes your “dry” times of not noticing anything. We will open in prayer both silent and spoken. I will listen to both you and to the Holy Spirit as you share what God may be stirring in your soul, and together we may read scripture and pray as we continue to listen together to what God may be directing. He will do the transforming. Please note, I am not a trained psychotherapist or counselor, and as we journey together, I may even encourage you to pursue this mode of assistance.
  • What is your fee per session, and what if I can't afford it?
    I do not have a set fee for sessions. Spiritual Direction is a ministry, and it is an honor to be able to journey with you. Prayerfully consider your situation, and if you would like make a donation for my time, that will be graciously accepted. Spiritual Directors who do charge typically request $50-$100 per session, while others request individuals pay what they would earn per 1.5 hours. If finances are a concern, feel free to meet with me anyway.
  • How do I cancel my direction appointment?
    Email directly, or you may reply to the reminder email that will be sent a few days before your appointment.
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